Samit Sarkar:

Sony is planning to close 20 of the 31 extant Sony Store locations in the U.S. by the end of the year, the company announced today.

Wait, there are still Sony Stores? 31 of them?!

But seriously, how crazy is it that in an age where Apple Stores are thriving more than any other consumer retail stores ā€” period ā€” Sony, which was the frontrunner in this regard, has totally failed.

It just shows once again that the only thing that matters is the product. Sony used to make great products, and the stores thrived. Lately, it has largely been stuff no one wants and well…

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    My impression of the Sony Store [and Microsoft Store] in Century City is that they have a PlayStation [Xbox w/ Kinect]...
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    The other thing is that the Apple stores are there to provide you with amazing customer service, even if you did buy...
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    Ha, the UTC Sony Store has staying power, man.
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    True…, it is all about the product… This is wat Samsung and Microsoft are going to realize soon…
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