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When do you think 32GB will be the floor for iPhones? My last two phones I have opted for 32GB which I am about out growing now. $200 premium for a measly 64GB is highway robbery in 2014.

Yeah, I’d imagine (though have no actual knowledge) that we’ll see a 128GB iPhone in the next iteration. Maybe that means the end of the 16GB model, or maybe it means that’s reserved for the more affordable version. 

The one thing working in the other direction is the movement of all entertainment to the cloud. That is, Spotify, Beats, Rdio, iTunes in the Cloud, etc, allow you to keep a lot less music stored on your device these days (though some is saved for offline capabilities, of course).

Still, while that has alleviated some of the need for a lot of storage, apps continue to grow in size — particularly games. Many are over 1GB now. 16GB seems untenable. And 128GB seems inevitable. (And that should drive the price down of the 64GB models, etc.) 

Update: As, of course, as my buddy Cap notes, photos and videos are driving this need for more storage perhaps above all else.

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    I think if the 32GB model becomes the base iPhone model, then 16GB will be offered in the cheaper model. And possibly...
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    I think Apple has been happily milking the increased margins of the 16GB models for the past several iterations of the...
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    Definitely going to 128 GB on my next iPhone!
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