Rhymes With “Douchebag”

Adrian Chen of Gawker writes that “tech news is so phenomenally boring”. A story of mine, Facebook’s iPad app being hidden inside of the iPhone app, is the prime example used.

Nevermind that Chen is complaining about tech news not really being “news” while writing a story that is even less “news” in the name of pageviews. We all do that sometimes.

Nevermind that Chen is writing his story for a site that routinely covers the private lives of tech individuals as “news”. 

What irks me here, though only ever so slightly, is that Chen is essentially telling people what they should find interesting. People are interested in Facebook and in the iPad. Should they not be because it’s not as important as the potential collapse of the economy if the debt ceiling isn’t raised? 

Maybe people should stop having any interests.

Technology — including yes, Facebook and the iPad — is an ever-growing part of everyones’ lives. Not surprisingly, many people like reading about it. They want to stay up to date on the latest happenings, no matter how trivial they may seem to others. I know that even if I hadn’t written that story, I would have read the shit out of it. So sue me.

This was a legitimate tech story. It wasn’t “Osama Bin Laden Dead Viagra Cialis Attorney Porn Fetish Gaga Bieber”.

And it certainly wasn’t tech news about tech news about tech news about tech news.

Update: A really important update.

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    Well, tech news isn’t always boring. At least not in my experience.
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