What’s most interesting here is that the 13-inch MacBook Air and the 15-inch MacBook Pro have the exact same resolution: 1440x900. This is why I had no problem replacing my Pro with an Air.

Does a 15-inch Air go closer to the 17-inch Pro’s 1920x1200 resolution? Or maybe it does 1680x1050? If so, why would anyone buy the 15-inch Pro? What about the 13-inch Pro? For the optical drive? Please.

To me, the 13-inch Air seems like the perfect size for my needs right now. But I would be tempted by a 15-inch if the battery life was even better. Right now the 13-inch Air gets 7 hours while the 11-inch gets 5. Could a 15-inch Air get 9 hours?

If so, what’s the weight trade-off? The 13-inch Air is just a sliver under 3 pounds currently. The 15-inch Pro is 5.6 pounds. The 13-inch Pro is 4.5 pounds. Could a 15-inch Air be 4 pounds?

Or. What about this:

What if a 15-inch Air replaces the 13-inch Pro in Apple’s line-up? Apple keeps the high-end 15-inch and 17-inch Pro for actual pros, but realizes the most others will be fine given how powerful the Air is now. 

This would make Apple’s notebook offerings look like this:


  • 11-inch Air
  • 13-inch Air


  • 15-inch Air


  • 15-inch Pro
  • 17-inch Pro

If they do that, maybe the Air eventually does get renamed to simply “MacBook”. 

  1. tgoss said: It would be great to see the current 15” and 17” models lose the optical drive and fill the space with another hard drive, more battery cells or both. It would strengthen the Air vs Pro class distinction and increase the power of the pro (a lot).
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