Everything In Its Right Place

My quest to write 500 words a day has really gone off the rails recently. It was always an ambitious goal, but I also sort of set it up for failure by not designating a time each day to write. So I found myself scrambling at the end of each and every day to get 500 words up. As I’m finally figuring out with email, everything happens more smoothly if you designate a time to do it and stick with it.

And a place.

The other problem with the 500 word goal was that this site simply didn’t seem like a great place for it. You see, I run this site on Tumblr. And while Tumblr is amazing for many things, it’s not particularly well-suited for longer-form writing. Yes, even just 500 words. The text box that pops open when you set out to do a text post says all you need to know: keep it short.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the 500 word posts don’t tend to resonate with this community as much as some of the other content I post. And I completely understand that. When I’m scrolling through my Tumblr feed, I also don’t like reading long text-based posts. They slow the flow of all the other great, more visual and/or short content.

That’s why I’ve been experimenting with posting the 500 words posts on places like Medium. It’s an environment much more naturally suited to such content. 

So, this is a way-too-long-for-Tumblr way of saying that I think I’ll keep things brief on this site with the type of content best suited for Tumblr (links, images, reblogs, and maybe some short text from time to time). And if I have more to say, I’ll do that elsewhere.

I know I’ll get some messages from people complaining that I need to put all my content in one place and keep it there. But I really am a firm believer in everything being in its right place. And the 500 word posts just don’t seem to flow as well here on Tumblr. So instead, I’ll link to them from here and post more Tumblr-ready content like cat pictures.1

  1. Kidding. I meant porn.

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    I’ve read this carefully, and I agree. Tumblr is not made for reading memoirs.
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    My finding as well.
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    Yea, it was a pretty ambitious goal. I was so excited for you and I was rooting for you when you initially made this New...
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