Overall, Engadget is very “meh” about the latest, greatest Android device. As for its “killer” feature, Amar Toor writes:

The question, however, is whether the medium is stunning enough to warrant a purchase, which brings us to the Optimus 3D’s most cilantro-like quality: the glasses-less 3D experience. It’s not for everyone. To be fair, it’s definitely cool (in the “let me whip out my phone at a bar and make conversation” sort of way), and the novelty can be genuinely intriguing… for about five minutes. After that, spectators may either get bored with it, or end up feeling like their eyes were just juggled through a meat grinder (our experience skewed heavily toward the latter).

Sounds great. Just the feeling I want from my most-used device. 

Perhaps even worse, the device ships with Froyo. Gingerbread has been out for almost 8 months now. It’s pathetic that OEMs can’t ship brand-new devices with it yet. 

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    This phone looks fun to play with if you have a lot of spare time. I wonder what kind of 3D games they have for it. Plus...
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