Tom Warren:

Nokia sold nearly 251 million handsets last year, a mixture of feature phones and smartphones. While the Lumia lineup of Windows Phones only accounted for 30 million of that 251 million, Microsoft now has to plan and manage how it handles the millions of other devices that Nokia produces that do not run Windows Phone. That’s a mixture of Asha handsets, feature phones, and Nokia’s new Android-based X range. It’s a big worldwide business that places Nokia in second place behind Samsung in the top mobile phone manufacturers. Microsoft is now the world’s second largest phone manufacturer by sales.

Not sure which is crazier: that Microsoft is now the number two phone manufacturer in the world ā€” or that only 30 million of the 251 million phones Nokia sold were Lumias?

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    Microsoft/Nokia is still strongest in the developing and/or pre-smartphone market.
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    Wow… buried in there is the detail that Microsoft is now the second largest manufacturer of phones after Samsung. What...
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