Ellis Hamburger on the latest Tumblr design tweaks:

Picking an accent color also changes the interface surrounding your blog for anyone who visits it. When I tapped Save after editing my blog’s appearance, the app’s Compose button turned pink and its navigation bar turned white to match my chosen Accent Color and background. The effect is particularly stark on iPad, where tapping into a blog dresses up the entire app in a new color. “There are 3.3 billion combinations,” says Vidani, “[but] the biggest part of this is that we’re using it everywhere. This is going to be you.” The company says 80 percent of active Tumblr users have customized their blog in one way or another.

Some really nice tweaks, but I wonder how much impact they have. Do people visit other’s blogs within the Tumblr app that often? I know for me, it’s all about the feed and/or visiting my favorite Tumblr blogs on the web. Maybe the aim is the change that? Or maybe I’m weird?

To that end, I’d still love to see Tumblr do some sort of analytics product for how many people saw my post in the main Tumblr feed (versus visiting my site, which, of course, I can track). I know the emphasis has been on tracking indirect metrics such as “likes” and “reblogs” but I’d happily pay for a more pro product in that regard.

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