Dennis Overbye on the news that scientists have discovered the gravity waves that are likely a sign that the theory of early universe inflation is correct:

Under some circumstances, a glass of water can stay liquid as the temperature falls below 32 degrees, until it is disturbed, at which point it will rapidly freeze, releasing latent heat.

Similarly, the universe could “supercool” and stay in a unified state too long. In that case, space itself would become imbued with a mysterious latent energy.

Inserted into Einstein’s equations, the latent energy would act as a kind of antigravity, and the universe would blow itself up. Since it was space itself supplying the repulsive force, the more space was created, the harder it pushed apart.

What would become our observable universe mushroomed in size at least a trillion trillionfold — from a submicroscopic speck of primordial energy to the size of a grapefruit — in less than a cosmic eye-blink.

But things get really crazy when you consider that this could theoretically also be true for an infinite amount of universes beyond our own, the “multiverse”.

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    Forever thinking about science in poetic terms.
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    For more on this, check out Max Tegmark’s Our Mathematical Universe.
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