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Do you think Beats Music will be free with an iPhone 6? Spotify-type services are one of those things people don't know they need until they have them. Free Beats Music on iPhone 6 would mean iPhone 6 owners simply have better music than everyone else. "If you don't have an iPhone..." As the technology becomes commoditized, bundling expensive, essential services is a great differentiator. Also 100 million paid subscribers = Apple saves music industry (again).

It’s a good question, but I suspect Apple will maintain the paid offering (with a free trial). You could certainly argue they could and should make it free (paying for the music themselves), but I think they worry just as much about the signal that would send to the music industry. Something like: “your art is just a subsidy we pay to sell more devices” — which, when you think about it, isn’t far from reality. But I highly doubt they want to go in that direction so explicitly. 

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    Plus, let’s just assume that free Beats music is just this year’s killer feature and nearly everyone buys the new...
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    It’d take a heck of a convincing, for major music execs to agree to such a thing
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