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Regarding the Amazon 3D OS: If navigating around apps and such is done by tilting and moving your phone, and the visuals are influenced by your head movements and so forth, how do you imagine that will affect usability if you are on the move? It's one thing to be standing still, holding your device in the standard "I'm looking at my phone position", it's something else to be walking down the street glancing down at it while dodging other pedestrians. And what about using it while out for a jog?

All good questions that I have to assume Amazon thought of. Maybe there’s a simple toggle to turn the functionality off? Or maybe it uses the accelerometer to automatically do it if you’re walking/running? Or maybe I’m wrong to assume :) We’ll see!

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    If there is a simple toggle on/off switch, then we have confirmation that even Amazon think the feature is a gimmick. If...
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