The Daily is citing sources saying the iPhone 5 will look similar to the iPhone 4 but with tapered edges — sounds like this concept, not the teardrop shape that had been rumored. They’re also betting on a September launch. We’ll see.

But the more interesting claims are about the next iPad. Upgraded iPad 2 with Retina-like display isn’t new, but they’re saying the device will be carrier-subsidized, like the iPhone is. This could mean iPads for as little as $199.

Of course, to get that deal, you’d have to sign a contract with a carrier. Apple so far has only allowed the carriers to offer pay-as-you go plans, which means no subsidy on the device, keeping it at $499 for the entry-level.

No idea if this is true or not — and certainly you’d could argue that it’s not something Apple has to do given their tablet dominance — but it’s interesting. I have a 3G iPad 2, but I almost never use the 3G service. But if the carriers were willing to eat $300 off the initial price and charge you something like $29 a month (remember, it would be data-only, not phone service too), that would be enticing.

It would still be a good deal for the carriers long-term (obviously) — $29 a month times 24 months is $696, well over the $300, they’d eat. But it would be a decent deal for consumers as well. 

Also, The Daily notes:

Rumors of another iPad first sprung up shortly after the launch of the iPad 2 in March.

Weird, I seem to recall writing about it in early February, before the iPad 2 even launched. 

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