Geoffrey Fowler on the state of “connected” point-and-shoot cameras:

Intuitive software design doesn’t come easily to any of these camera-makers, though. Nikon’s app is a study in excess clicking: You dig through the camera’s menus to turn on wireless every time. (Five clicks.) Then you re-connect to its wireless network on your phone. (At least two clicks). Once you’ve got the app open, you click “view photos,” then click again to view “pictures on D5300.” Once thumbnails appear on the phone app, you click “select” so that you can check-mark certain shots. (Clicks 10 and 11.) Then you click “download.” (Twelve.) Then it asks if you what size image you want to download, requiring at least one more click, (Thirteen, but we’re not done yet.)

After downloading, another message informs you it is complete. You have to click “OK” on that. (Fourteen.)

It’s not clear who designs this software. My best guess is no one. 

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    Yes, I don’t get it. Why are the camera manufacturers dropping the ball like this? been wondering for a couple of years...
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