Liam Tung on the square — yes, square — BlackBerry Passport:

According to BlackBerry, the smartphone world has been enslaved by the rectangle for too long, which may be “limiting innovations”.

BlackBerry argues that the Passport’s girth will deliver a better viewing experience, in part because it can display 60 characters per line — much closer to the 66 characters typically seen in a book, compared to the 40 or so on rectangular devices.

One advantage of its width is that users won’t need to turn the phone to landscape mode to view e-books, view documents, or browse the web.

Let’s be clear: if this thing works at all, it will be because of the physical keyboard that many old school users still clamor for, and not because of a square screen. Though I do love the assertion that it’s too hard for regular smartphone users to turn their phones to the side — where they’d get a much wider display area than this square screen will offer. 

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    The reason we’re confined to rectangular screens is the same reason we’re confined to ~5” or smaller screens: pockets....
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