Matthew Panzarino:

One of the most intriguing components of the new iTunes Extras system is that they aren’t set in stone. Because they’re based on a flexible framework that Apple offers to studios, and they’re served from the cloud, they can be added to over time.

There is potential here to create a living library that allows additional content to be served to your existing library. That’s a big selling point for digital purchases over physical ones, just as many studios are finally getting on the digital bandwagon.

For me, this truly is a “finally”. Like Panzarino, I was a huge DVD buff — not because of the format itself, but because of the extras included with the films. Apple started to include them long ago, but only in a half-assed way, and oddly not on the Apple TV.

Scanning over the extras highlighted by Apple, I still am a bit saddened to see only a few titles with commentary tracks. Those were hands-down my favorite extras. But, as noted, studios can add additional content over time, and Apple ensures it will be available for free.

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    If they have the ability to add over time, what’s to stop them from taking away over time?
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