Jason Lynch:

HBO is bringing three dramas to a close over the next several months: True Blood, Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom. “We think the right thing is to end with creative integrity so that the viewer and creator feels satisfied,” said Lombardo, who admitted that HBO made “a mistake” in canceling Deadwood after three seasons, before the story’s natural end, which angered viewers.

The cancellation of Deadwood was a major (rare) mistake for HBO. Here’s hoping they still do a movie to conclude the series one day…

I remain intrigued by how they’re going to handle the Game of Thrones situation. There’s no way the books are done before the television series is. Unless they decide to take a few years off, as they do with Curb Your Enthusiasm — a very different show, obviously. Or, if they do a movie to conclude the show as well…

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