Yes, I’m linking to the Farhad Manjoo vacuum piece again. But I find it interesting:

Your phone can’t do as much as your computer, but because it’s right there in your pocket and starts up in a flash, you might spend a lot more time on it than on your PC. The DC59 offers the same wonderful trade-off — very good cleaning without the headaches of a bigger machine. It’s the iPad of vacuum cleaners.


Hence Dyson’s dilemma: To produce a cordless vacuum that could mimic an upright, engineers needed to find a motor that was both small and powerful, a motor that could suck a lot of wind without consuming a lot of power. They couldn’t find any such motor from an existing supplier; instead, Dyson took the unusual step of designing its own motor from scratch.

This makes me want to buy this thing just to show appreciation for what Dyson is doing — trying to leap forward in technology, rather than just giving us a longer power cord. And my apartment isn’t even carpeted. 

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