I linked to this the other day, but what the hell, I’m linking again. David Carr:

For the last six months, my magazines, once a beloved and essential part of my media diet, have been piling up, patiently waiting for some mindshare, only to be replaced by yet another pile that will go unread. I used to think that people who could not keep up with The New Yorker were shallow individuals with suspect priorities. Now I think of them as just another desperate fellow traveler, bobbing in a sea of information none of us will see to the bottom of. We remain adrift.

I’m someone who used to rush home from school on days that I new the newest copy of a magazine I subscribed to was due to arrive at my home. I still subscribed to many of those magazines, on my iPad, and I basically never open them.

I really can’t remember the last time I read one. Maybe 18 months ago?

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    Not sure what this means? Can literature and reporting exist without infrastructure?
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    I hadn’t read magazines in forever either and I was missing the longer form, more thought out packaged pieces I used to...
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