#adobe flash

Chris Ziegler on the default inclusion of Flash in Chrome:

Google: solve this. Chrome is too important to the health of the internet for this to be anything other than a severity one issue. If Flash is mucking something up in a way that you can’t solve in Chrome alone, drop Flash from your release channel until Adobe gets its act together. It’ll hurt (I’ll feel it as much as anyone, trust me), but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I love Chrome, it has been my browser of choice for several years now. But the continued insistence on including Flash by default is getting ridiculous. In my own un-scientific study, it’s the cause of 99.9% of the problems not just with my web browser, but with my computer in general. 

Yes, Flash Blocker, click-to-run, etc. It’s ridiculous to include software that is so buggy and problematic by default. 

Google’s stance used to be that bundling Flash in Chrome would help with security (since Flash is so often exploited and few people take the time to update it). But in our increasingly mobile world (where Flash never came to life), I think we’re moving towards a better option: no Flash, period.