#alex rodriguez

Fascinating look at the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez deal by David Waldstein for NYT:

Mallory and Cardinale made about 10 calls to Levine over the next few days, transmitting the proposals and counterproposals back and forth. Rodriguez also enlisted the help of the investor Warren E. Buffett, a friend and adviser who helped Rodriguez devise ways to resolve a stalemate over a $50 million gap.

Ultimately, the terms of the deal would include $265 million in guaranteed salary, a $10 million signing bonus and an additional $30 million in marketing bonuses tied to landmark home runs.

For each of the five milestones ā€” tying Mays, Ruth, Aaron, Bonds and breaking the record ā€” Rodriguez would receive $6 million. The Yankees looked at the bonuses as a kind of licensing fee they would pay to Rodriguez to secure all the rights to market the home run chase, which would presumably become a commercial boon.

The result is A-Rod earning more than the entire Houston Astros team combined this year.

Almost as interesting: that the article features an Instagram image of A-Rod.