Apparently season five has been pushed to early 2012 (at the earliest) because AMC and Lionsgate are arguing with Weiner over cost-cutting measures. Specifically, they’re said to want each episode to be two minutes shorter (so they can run more ads) and they want to eliminate two regular cast members to save costs.

Such bullshit.

Sure, maybe this is Weiner leaking stuff to the press to get support for his side, but it doesn’t matter — if that’s what AMC wants, it’s bullshit. The show is a cash cow for them and has taken the network from nothing into a player.

I’m wondering if it would be worth it from a monetary perspective for Netflix to put up the money to back the show? I bet it would.

In reality, AMC and Lionsgate would never let that happen. But still. If they’re being cheap bastards, they don’t deserve it.