Borys Kit and Gregg Kilday:

Borrowing a page from Pixar, Lasseter is hands-on at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He gives extensive notes, pores over story reels and even does the first reading with actors and directors. Initially, Pixar animators worried that he was spending too much time at Disney, where he overhauled Bolt and Tangled. Now that the situation has stabilized, he divides his focus. “Both places think he spends too much time at the other place,” says a friend. “That’s the true telling point.”

I had no idea Lasseter was also running Walt Disney Animation Studios — or that WDAS is now on a roll (Frozen just opened with $94 million) while Pixar is in a bit of a funk (with recent layoffs and the next film delayed until 2015).

Germain Lussier for /Film:

The studio that helped pioneer 2D, hand drawn, theatrical animation is currently at a crossroads with the process. At Wednesday’s Walt Disney Company shareholder’s meeting, CEO Bob Iger revealed none of Disney’s animation companies, which includes Disney Animation, Pixar and Disney Toons, are currently developing, or have plans to develop, any 2D, hand drawn animation for the big screen. He’s not ruling it out, but the current slate  - which probably stretches 3-4 years – has none of it.

The end of an era. Just imagine if Disney had not bought Pixar — and that would not have happened if Michael Eisner remained as CEO instead of getting replace by Bob Iger. Disney could have been in a lot of trouble right now…

Sometimes acquisitions don’t work. Sometimes they’re the only thing that works.