#apple hq

Peter Burrows digs to get an update on the Apple Spaceship for Bloomberg Businessweek. One amazing tidbit:

Before the Cupertino council, Jobs noted, “there isn’t a straight piece of glass on the whole building … and as you know if you build things, this isn’t the cheapest way to build them.”

He had that right. Since 2011, the budget for Apple’s Campus 2 has ballooned from less than $3 billion to nearly $5 billion, according to five people close to the project who were not authorized to speak on the record. If their consensus estimate is accurate, Apple’s expansion would eclipse the $3.9 billion being spent on the new World Trade Center complex in New York, and the new office space would run more than $1,500 per square foot—three times the cost of many top-of-the-line downtown corporate towers.

As you might imagine, those who want Apple to pay back more money to their shareholders are not happy about this. But come on, who doesn’t want to see this place? There is basically one company in the world that can build such a building right now. And that’s Apple. And even at $5 billion, it really would be just a drop in the cash bucket for them.