#blackberry 10

Jon Fingas:

Worried that RIM might face any further delays of BlackBerry 10? Don’t be. CEO Thorsten Heins just confirmed at his BlackBerry Jam presentation that carrier testing for the new OS should begin this October, and that the platform launch is still slated for early 2013.

Serious question: does RIM realize that I have an iPhone 5 in my hands right now? That it came out last Friday?

If Nokia looks bad shipping the new Lumias six weeks after the iPhone launch, RIM looks like an absolute joke shipping BlackBerry 10 six months after the iPhone launch.

highway-66-revisited-deactivate asked:

Do you think that RIM can possibly regain market share in 2012 provided that Blackberry 10 ships? Surely Android and iOS are too far ahead now in terms of adoption rates?

If they change their entire strategy, maybe. But they won’t. 

Anything can be turned around (see: Apple, for example), but it takes major changes and time. RIM has neither in them. This stripping the CEOs of the Chairmanship sounds like a joke. It’s putting a paper towel over a head wound. The fact that there are still co-CEOs and co-Chairmans is a joke. 

If I were RIM, I would spend all of my R&D figuring out what the next big thing will be after the smartphone — or the next generation smartphone that’s far beyond what we have today. I’d bet it all on that and not look back. They’ve already lost this race, but they don’t realize it yet. That’s the most dangerous position to be in.