Yes, I’m linking to Penthouse, but it’s a good interview by Kara Wahlgren of Matthew Inman, better known as The Oatmeal. In particular, I like this part:

Wahlgren: I noticed you have comments disabled on your website.

Inman: I used to think it was an integral part of being a writer or artist—that you have to read comments, and you have to react to them, and you have to mold your work around them. But that doesn’t make me a better artist—if anything, it just makes me doubt myself. So I just don’t read any of it, because I can’t help focusing on that one negative one where some guy writes something awful. I’ve found that my comics are becoming more and more of a rhetorical performance. I just want to draw things that I hope are funny and put them on the web, and that’ll be the extent of the communication, to preserve my own sanity more than anything.

It’s official: everyone hates comments.