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Kim Masters:

Moving fast to replace David Fincher on its highly anticipated Steve Jobs movie, Sony Pictures is in talks with Danny Boyle to direct the biopic of the late Apple Computer co-founder. Boyle is said to have approached Leonardo DiCaprio to star.

Not as good as the Fincher/Christian Bale combo, but could be a lot worse.

Interestingly enough, Bale got his role in American Psycho when DiCaprio dropped out. (Though Bale was obviously never actually committed here, it was more of a perfect pipe dream.) And the last time Boyle and DiCaprio worked together was the movie DiCaprio made instead of American Psycho: The Beach.

Carrie Rickey:

Bale is 40 years old. Onscreen for 28 years, he’s been starring in feature films nearly as long as Barrymore (32 years), Daniel Day-Lewis (also 32 years), and Tom Hanks (30 years). Unlike those performers, who almost always play leads, Bale is the prince of ensemble movies, feeding off the actors around him, elevating their performances as they electrify his. Excepting American Psycho and The Machinist, where he is the lead, Bale is an accomplished team player. It’s typical for Bale to play a role like G-man Melvin Purvis to Johnny Depp’s sensual John Dillinger in Public Enemies, or a haunted, prosthetic-legged bounty hunter to Russell Crowe’s charismatic, nimble outlaw in 3:10 To Yuma, or the introverted fanboy dazzled by glam-rock extroverts Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Velvet Goldmine. Even when he’s the eponymous character in the Dark Knight trilogy, he’s one in the ensemble.

Crazy to think that Bale’s career is nearly as long as those of Day-Lewis and Hanks (Barrymore, of course, was also a child star). And what a career it’s turning out to be. No question he’ll win another Oscar when all is said and done.

In fact, the main thing holding him back from another Best Actor award may be his reluctance to take true leading roles. Christian Bale is someone who absolutely could be a Tom Cruise-type movie star. But he chooses not to be. As Rickey points out, even the Dark Knight trilogy isn’t your typical formulaic movie star stuff. The closest he got to that may be the awful Terminator movie he made (which he was fine in, though everything else about it was pretty awful). And that garnered him more attention for other reasons

I’m glad Rickey took the time to single out Laurel Canyon as well. A very underrated film. 

Now let’s hope he gets the chance to portray Steve Jobs. Though you do have to wonder if it’s a role he would really want…

Kim Masters:

A source with ties to the studio says Fincher potentially could re-enter negotiations but that the fee he is seeking is “ridiculous,” adding, “You’re not doing Transformers here. You’re not doing Captain America. This is quality — it’s not screaming commerciality. He should be rewarded in success but not up front.”

He apparently was asking for a $10 million up-front fee, as well as control over marketing. I say give it to him. Then get Christian Bale.

Jeff Sneider:

Oscar winner Christian Bale is David Fincher’s choice to play Steve Jobs in the untitled movie that Aaron Sorkin has written for Sony, an individual familiar with the project has told TheWrap.

While Steve Jobs is a long way from Batman, Bale has been considered a prime contender to play the tech superhero since the project was first announced due to his physical resemblance to the Apple co-founder.

Bale has not been approached to play Jobs yet, as the actor is taking a brief break from the business to spend time with his family since wrapping the role of Moses in Ridley Scott’s “Exodus.” The Biblical epic is expected to have Bale back in the awards conversation.

I would fully endorse this casting choice. Not only is there a physical resemblance, some might say there’s a similar temperament as well.




Superman/Batman 2015: What DailyDCU.com Would Do

Are you listening Warner Bros? Good. Here’s how to handle this story: Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale, and you pay him ALL the money to return) is having tea in Europe with Selena and Alfred. Bruce quickly becomes distracted by the television and the report on Superman and what just happened in Metropolis (basically the end of Man of Steel). Alfred says something like “You picked a good time to retire, looks like this bloke can handle any crimes you…” then, a grainy video from a phone shows Superman…SPOILER ALERT…break Zod’s neck. Bruce is stunned. He would never kill. The Dark Knight returns to stop this Man of Steel. What happens then? Special effects, misunderstandings, moral lessons, Nightwing, and Lex Luthor. Boom: Superman/Batman makes a billion plus dollars.


I must stand firmly with my friends at Daily DCU. They know what’s best.

Sounds pretty great to me. A way to salvage an otherwise ho-hum Man of Steel.

Though I highly doubt Bale would return - no matter the money. Hope I’m wrong.