#d.b. cooper

An absolutely fascinating theory by Lindsey M Green — what if Mad Men ends by Don Draper getting on a plane and morphing into D.B. Cooper:

The highjacker’s chosen flight attendant went to the cockpit to inform the pilot. When she returned to her post, the hijacker was wearing dark sunglasses. Throughout the ordeal, Cooper kept up conversation with the flight attendants, who later described him as “nice, thoughtful, polite, calm and well spoken.” They noted that he was in no way nervous, and he even pointed out landmarks on the ground to them. When he ordered a second bourbon and soda, he paid his tab, insisting the flight attendant keep the change.

When you think about it, this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Don (or Dan or even Dick) Bertram Cooper — D.B. Cooper — has a nice ring for someone who has to change their name (again) to board a plane and get away…