#design startups

Good thoughts by Chloë Bregman. I feel like I see a lot of pitches these days that are beautiful, but very shallow. It’s as if some entrepreneurs feel like they can fill the rest in after the fact as long as they nail the pitch with a wonderful looking product.

Obviously, the opposite is usually true. It’s much easier to re-skin an app than it is to re-write it. I tend to think both sides are important (because, as Bregman notes in her Jobs quote, design is really “how it works”), but at the end of the day, if your app/site sucks, it sucks, no matter how much colorful paint you put on it.

Also note the part on “delightful” design. Little things matter. You may not think they do, but you’d be surprised how much they do. We live in a sea of lures. The more hooks you have in the water, no matter how small, the better.