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Re "Kids Don't Care About Cars": So you think "kids" all want to drive the same $20K box? Do they all dress exactly the same, use devices for utility only too? The bottom line is there area so many things wrong about that piece that I wonder if the author has any clue about society, regardless of how technologically advanced it may be...

No, I believe that increasingly, they don’t care about driving anything. But maybe they will care what they’re driven in at certain times.

(This will obviously be true in denser cities at first. But I see no reason why this doesn’t spread to suburbs as well eventually.)

Charles Montgomery:

In the third year of his term, Peñalosa challenged Bogotáns to participate in an experiment. As of dawn on 24 February 2000, cars were banned from streets for the day. It was the first day in four years that nobody was killed in traffic. Hospital admissions fell by almost a third. The toxic haze over the city thinned. People told pollsters that they were more optimistic about city life than they had been in years.

Old-ish, but a really interesting look into the tweaks that can alter a city’s happiness. 



Don’t build high-speed rail from SF to LA - create an American Autobahn instead.

Here’s how it could work:

Build another three lanes of the I-5 from LA to Sacramento, completely separated from the current lanes but within the existing right-of-way. No need for tunnels or extensive bridges to…

Love this thought by Rob Coneybeer. Given that it looks like a high speed train connecting Los Angeles to San Francisco is all-but-dead (or won’t be done before I’m dead), an idea like this actually makes some sense. Which is exactly why it will never happen, sadly.