Benchmark’s Mitch Lasky:

Further, I think you could easily take the position that there will never be a return to the installed base level that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft saw with their c. 2005 consoles. They’ve essentially lost the living room. I watch my own children, sitting on the couch, ignoring the massive HDTV hooked up to every game console in existence and broadband internet, playing Temple Run on the tiny screens of their mobile phones. To use the old parlance of by-gone console industry analysis, there is likely to be a massive fall off in peak-to-peak margins.


Tero Kuittinen for Fox News:

The ambitious goal of having SimCity populated by “real people” may thus be backfiring quite spectacularly — partly because the Sims don’t act rationally, but also because of the complications of trying to find the shortest route to nearest job, home or school in the most rudimentary way.

All of this sort of reminds me of The Architect (and Agent Smith) in The Matrix trilogy explaining to Neo that their first simulations of Earth failed because they were too perfect and the humans rejected them.

As a long-time SimCity diehard (who is holding out for the Mac version) is all pretty disappointing to hear. Of course, not all the reviews are bad — some are positively glowing (though be sure to read the updates).