With the birth of the new prince in England, The Economist looks at just how long it may be until we see him ascend to the throne. Spoiler Alert: it could be a long, long time:

Prince Charles, 64 and first in line, will soon become the longest king-in-waiting, passing William IV, who became king—at 64 years and 10 months—after his brother George IV died in 1830.

Remember too that the Queen Mother lived to be 102. Queen Elizabeth is currently 87 — she could easily live at least another 15 years, at which point, Prince Charles would be 79. Yes, a 79-year-old Prince. 

Prince William, meanwhile, would be 46. And his son would be, well, 15. Anyway, it’s not inconceivable that Elizabeth outlives Charles and William is the next King. And with those genes, he could reign a long, long time as well. So his just-born son may not see the throne until he’s middle aged (or older) as well. We’re talking the 2060s…