Yes, that’s Tim Cook narrating. As Rene Ritchie notes:

My best guess as to why Tim Cook narrated the “Better” video is because it speaks to Apple’s core values, and speaking to Apple’s core values is both deeply important to Tim Cook, and how he’s been positioned atop and within Apple.

You can say Tim Cook is not a product guy, but there’s no question that he knows better than anyone how Apple does what it does. And because he cares about it, he’s made that process… better.


It’s not always a good thing when fictional products make the jump into reality…


  • 1987 The classic comedy Spaceballs features a scene with President Skroob (Mel Brooks) enjoying a fresh can of “Perri-Air” from his private stash.
  • 2013 A Chinese millionaire, inspired by last week’s smog epidemic, is selling fresh (and scented!) canned air in an effort to draw attention to environmental issues in China. (h/t to Geekologie) source

It’s time for a real world Pizza the Hut to appear.

Apple’s soon-to-retire SVP of hardware engineering Bob Mansfield in a letter published on Apple.com:

We’ve recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to learn that we had removed our products from the EPEAT rating system. I recognize that this was a mistake. Starting today, all eligible Apple products are back on EPEAT.

A very straight-forward letter about a not-so-straightforward topic.

Read another way: We had tried to move away from an environmental standard that is somewhat arbitrary (and doesn’t even include all the things we do) in order to further refine our manufacturing process and do some new things that we want to do. Unfortunately, we didn’t consider the ramifications of this move with some of our larger contracts, like major U.S. cities, and the U.S. government. Whoops.

Right or wrong, money talks, we listen. We like to do things our way, but we’re not stupid.

Big mistake. Our bad. Pretend this never happened.