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500 Words A Day

I’m not a huge believer in New Year’s resolutions (I tend to reflect more around my own birthday about the coming year). But I do like the idea of using the new year as a jumping off point for a new project. So that’s what I’m doing today, one day into 2014.

I’ve decided that I’d like to write more this year. Or, more specifically, I’d like to write more regularly this year. Last year, I wrote quite a bit, but I’d do so in large chunks of time and words and I never felt like I achieved a good cadence in my writing. So I’m switching things up.

This year, my plan is to write roughly 500 words a day in the form of a short post here on this site. Some days I’ll undoubtedly write more, some days I may write less. But 500 words seems like a reasonable amount to both write in a timely manner and for you to read in a timely manner.1

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Damian Sowers:

Sober writers love to use fancy shit like semicolons. Nobody likes to see a semicolon. I see sobriety stains all over writing these days. I think, “Damn, this piece has a chance to be good but the author is too busy looking at their pompous smile in the mirror.”

Ever wonder why old time writers like Hemingway seem so much better than the 21st century crop? It’s because they were plastered out of their mind and kept sentences short and passionate. Also, no fucking semicolons.