Laura Stevens, Serena Ng, and Shelly Banjo:

The shipping delays at UPS sparked outrage among people who had bought gifts from Amazon.com Inc., Kohl’s Corp. and other online retailers in the days and weeks before Christmas. Many had been swayed by guarantees from the retailers that their packages would be delivered by the holiday.

The official Amazon statement on the matter is interesting:

Amazon fulfillment centers processed and tendered customer orders to delivery carriers on time for holiday delivery. We are reviewing the performance of the delivery carriers.

While the drone initiative gets all the buzz, you have to wonder how long it is until Amazon starts handling more traditional shipping on its own? With fuck-ups like this one, they almost literally can’t afford not to.

Doesn’t seem like they could afford to buy either UPS (market cap near $100B) or FedEx (market cap near $50B), but maybe that’s what AmazonFresh is all about, long term.