Juli Clover on an apparently iOS 8 feature not mentioned in the WWDC Keynote:

One new feature sees the iPhone displaying apps on the lock screen based on location. For example, MacRumors readers have seen relevant app icons pop up while at or near brick and mortar locations like Starbucks and the Apple Store. While at a Starbucks, for example, the Starbucks app icon is displayed in the lower left corner of the iPhone’s lock screen, which allows the Starbucks app to be easily accessed. 

I agree with Will Weinraub, this seems like it has massive potential — especially because it works for app discovery as well. Ladies and gentlemen, start your iBeacons!

Doug Thompson:

But with iOS 7.1 your application will listen for beacons even if it was hard closed. The user can still opt out by turning off “location permission” under settings, can turn Bluetooth off, or can delete your app entirely.

But the change is a major boon to iBeacon developers – and will mean you no longer need to find fancy ways to prompt your user to keep an app in background mode.

A subtle, yet important change that could be massive for iBeacon.