The OpenStreetMap Foundation says that Apple has indeed switched from Google Maps in the new iOS version of iPhoto — to their maps. And they note that they’re using older data and not crediting OpenStreetMap. Interesting.

A few people pointed out yesterday that Apple’s new maps don’t look like OpenStreetMap, but it appears Apple may have just re-skinned the tiles. But there’s still some confusion here.

Great spot by Stephen Hackett. At first I assumed they were just Google Maps in landscape mode. But looking closer, these definitely do not look like they’re using Google Maps (unless Apple hacked them up, added their own stuff, and de-branded them for some reason).

As I wrote just last week re: Google Maps:

I think it’s quite possible that the only reason Apple hasn’t switched to another alternative at this point is because they continue to work on their own solution.

That work may be farther along than any of us thought…



Apple will announce its next iPad this week. It will have a better CPU, a better camera, and a magnificent new screen. While that’s all cool, I’m secretly more excited about another announcement: the software they’ll demo with the iPad 3. Every announcement of iOS hardware has included new…

Great thoughts by Neven Mrgan about possible new photo software to launch alongside the new iPad. There have been whispers for a long time about iPhoto for iOS. As far as I can tell, it’s a real project, but has been more of an iPad thing than an iPhone thing. So this is certainly possible. It’s a matter of timing.