Steve O’Hear asks the question on TechCrunch and re-shares the email he once got from Steve Jobs when he asked about the possibility of a QWERTY on the iPhone. O’Hear was worried about a physical keyboard-free future for Apple, but believed it would never happen overall:

“That’s obviously a bit dramatic”, I wrote on TechCrunch at the time. “There will always be lots of different products on the market, but it’s a possibility nonetheless.” Fast forward to 2013 and what was only a possibility has all but become a reality. Survey the mobile landscape and it’s filled with people fondling their giant slabs of touch, happily typing away on glass.

It is pretty amazing that every popular smartphone has now ditched the physical keyboard, including the latest BlackBerry. This is especially amazing to me because I distinctly remember the outpouring of hatred sent my way five years ago when I wrote that the future was touch keyboards. And that there was no way Apple was going back. And that everyone else was likely to join Apple there.

I was an “idiot”. Who “knew nothing” about technology. Just listen to Steve Ballmer!

Change happens gradually, then all of a sudden.

But BlackBerry sees typing on glass as its future and will be emphasizing the touch model.

Walt Mossberg, in his BlackBerry 10 review.

I still vividly recall arguing with dozens if not hundreds of people that the iPhone’s touch keyboard was the way forward for everyone, period. Not hearing too much on the topic out of those same people these days…

One of them, you may know.