#keyser soze

The saga of the hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto gets more and more bizarre/interesting. For those following along at home:

Dorian Nakamoto, who now goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto but is saying he’s not the Satoshi Nakamoto, also happens to have a neighbor in his small town who is a crypto expert, Hal Finney. Finney is also saying he’s not Satoshi Nakamoto, but incidentally was on the receiving end of the first Bitcoin transaction.

Finney also has old correspondence with the real Satoshi to prove he’s not the creator of Bitcoin. But for the past few years, he’s been suffering from ALS, which makes it very hard for him to communicate. Yet his old writing style is similar to that of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Does anyone else get the feeling that this is starting to play out a bit too close to the plot of The Usual Suspects?