Bob Lefsetz on the future of the music business:

The labels are run by old men who want instant paydays and the acts are all chasing the bankers and their private planes and the unwashed wannabes want it to be easy, like reality television. As for the techies, they were never about the music, just extracting the revenue of what exists. And believe me, we don’t have a technology problem, we’ve got an artistic problem, married to a marketing problem.

So this is what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna continue to plod along until someone does it differently. It will probably be an act. It might be a new genre of music. The tunes will come first and the money second. The choices made will not align with those of today. And when it arrives we’ll all scratch our heads and say…THAT’S IT!

Completely agree. It’s not like recorded music is going to die, it’s going to evolve. Tension still exists because no one is sure how it will evolve yet.

And yes, the labels (as we know them today), are going to die.