A year in the making, one of the stranger antitrust cases you’re likely to see (because the defendant, Apple, doesn’t have anything close to a monopoly in the industry in question, eBooks — while the company that stands to gain the most from an Apple defeat, Amazon, basically does).

This all plays out starting tomorrow.

Update: For a little more clarity.


I’ve gotten about 50 responses to the gun debate issue tonight. Honestly, I don’t give a shit that you think you have the right to own a gun because someone 200+ years ago said you do to prevent (or allow for) an insurrection or whatever. If this issue is going to be solved, you’re going to have to agree that in the 21st century, maybe your right to own a gun isn’t as important as people — children — living or dying. Just look at the statistics. There is a very serious problem in this country that isn’t a problem in other countries. And there is very clearly one reason for that.