Eric Pfanner on the social messaging app Line:

The stickers may seem silly, but they were the first step in Line’s plan to expand beyond cheap communications and turn itself into a broader media and entertainment platform. Many other companies’ mobile applications, messaging and beyond, have yet to generate any revenue in the United States. Line gives some stickers away; others cost 170 yen (about $1.70) for a pack of 40. Sticker sales alone make about $10 million a month in revenue, Line says.

Games are Line’s biggest moneymaker, accounting for about $25 million a month in sales, or slightly more than half the company’s revenue. Though games were added only about a year ago, offerings like Line Pop and Line Bubble quickly moved into the Top 10 lists on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

$10 million a month. In stickers. Also, the move into games while leveraging the Line brand and platform is smart.