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Speaking of Mike Trout, here’s Cliff Corcoran on his deal:

Still, it’s hard not to see this contract as a major victory for the Angels. They just added three years of Mike Trout’s prime to their future without breaking the bank. Assuming Trout’s salaries over the course of this deal escalate in accordance with his service time, Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton’s contracts will all have expired before Trout is making top dollar. The real bottom line, however, is that the Angels have locked up the best player in baseball through the end of the decade at a fraction of his projected value. From a team’s perspective, you can’t do better than that.

Agreed. A very smart play by the Angels.

Nick Wagoner:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed Friday that St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke informed the league of a recent purchase of a 60-acre tract of land in Inglewood, Calif.

According to Goodell, that knowledge didn’t come with any discussion of building or developing a plan to make the location the future home of a football stadium.

The Rams’ lease with the Edward Jones Dome contains an escape clause that is set to kick in at the end of the 2014 season. If the stadium hasn’t been upgraded to one of the eight best venues in the NFL before that time, the Rams’ lease will then become a year-to-year proposition beginning in 2015.

Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

I’m betting we see the Rams back in Los Angeles by 2017.

Rory Carroll and Robina Gibb on the shift away from Los Angeles for film production:

The exodus has been given a name: runaway production. Adrian McDonald, a research analyst at FilmLA, a non-profit organisation that arranges filming permits, called the flight “staggering”. Of the 50 top-grossing movies this year, just four were filmed in California. In 1996, 20 of the top 50 were. On-location movie production in LA has plummeted 60% in 15 years. Not even Battle Los Angeles, an alien invasion romp, was filmed here.

What happens when Hollywood is just a bunch of offices where men in suits trade money back and forth while tourists ride past them on guided tours of what once was? I give it 10 years max.

As a former Los Angeles resident, I know this former Borders well. I suspect the glass ceiling Apple Store will perform a million times better.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Apple to build a better flagship store in San Francisco. Compared to some of the newer ones (New York, Paris, LA), SF is pretty “meh”.