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Take It Easy, E

December 27, 2007:

Hey. eric eldon here from venturebeat. i’ve been enjoying your posts.

are you set on a solo blogging career, or would you consider writing for another blog. say, venturebeat?

Almost exactly six years ago, Eric Eldon changed my life. That may sound like hyperbole — it is not. That message, sent via Facebook, truly did alter the course of my life.

Today, Eric announced he is stepping down from his role atop TechCrunch to “try something pretty different.” And while I have nothing but respect for that decision, the tech press is a little worse for it — as are we all, as readers.

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Earlier, I shared my main Flipboard magazine, which you can now view on the web (brilliantly done). But also cool is the fact that you can browse all of my magazines (my reading list, fun stuff, and my columns) in one right from my Flipboard profile on the web (just click the arrow on the right to start flipping). Rather than just articles, it’s a nice/weird combination of text and images.

Not an investor, yadda yadda, just a fan.

On To Google Ventures

It was almost exactly 19 months ago that I laid down the proverbial writer’s pen and picked up the less proverbial pen for writing checks. It has been an amazing experience getting a fund up and running, learning, and ultimately, making a lot of wonderful investments. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to dive deeper by joining Google Ventures as a general partner.

Just as I took my time in deciding to switch careers a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve been talking with the Google Ventures team for a few months now. After getting to know the partners and hearing the vision for the fund laid out by managing partner Bill Maris, it became clear that this would ultimately be a perfect fit.

Google Ventures sits in a truly unique space within the venture capital industry. They have the resources to make investments at any stage, but more importantly, they have the talent and knowledge required to do so. The partnership is brimming with experience when it comes to starting companies, building products, and scaling. 

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I Wrote A Book — It Only Took 5 Years And Was Edited Down From About Ten Million Words

When most people write books, they sit down with the goal of writing one. I cheated. Instead, I blogged non-stop for five years, writing about hundreds of different topics on various different sites and had someone edit a collection of those together into a book after the fact.

It’s actually rather genius.

Not necessarily the book, mind you — I’ll let you decide that — but the idea behind it. A startup called Hyperink is behind it and they approached me with the opportunity to repurpose and reinvigorate some of that past content I had made. They’ve previously done this with Foundry Group’s Brad Feld and had great success (he just released version 2 of his blog-to-book).

One of the greatest strengths of blogging is also a weakness: content is very easy to get out there, but because of that, it’s also extremely ephemeral. Every blogger has dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of posts that they poured time into, but after a short shelf life, those posts are lost in the ether of the web — most never to be found again. Some of those are great posts. It doesn’t matter. On the Internet, fresh content is paramount.

Hyperink is trying to change this with Blog to Book series. Specifically, they’re looking over past posts to find the best ones (based on a number of factors — some subjective, some not) and putting them together in an eBook format. More will be coming from other bloggers in the future.

To be clear, all of this is previous published content that is available for free on the web. But the book is edited together together in a way that I actually think is pretty fun and seamless. I’ve also included some updated commentary on some of the topics. It’s 177 pages of pure joy and jackassery.

Perhaps most importantly, the price is fair. If you buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you’ll pay just $4.95. And for a limited time, you can buy it right through Hyperink for just $2.99. With that purchase, you can get the eBook for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, or just a PDF.

The title? You’re Damn Right I’m a Fanboy: MG Siegler on Apple, Google, Startup Culture, and Jackasses on the Internet. Catchy, no?

Enjoy. And thanks for reading.

Hard to argue with this:

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