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tomatopace-deactivated20130423 asked:

the surface is a turd?? please preface that with a 'in my opinion'. plenty of real people are buying real 'surfaces' and are really happy with it. i notice you have never called apple maps a 'turd'. surely by your own definition, it is. but hey, you're not a fanboy....

How’s this: In my opinion, I can do what I want on my own site.


Results overall tilting “awful” (42%) — with notable opposing views coming from those using Internet Explorer (88% “good), Windows Phone (100% “good”), or based in India (70% “good”).

Update: “Awful” now up to 49% at just about 600 votes. Meanwhile, a few readers pointed out that the Surface isn’t even available in India yet…

Update 2: 1,000 votes in and we’re now at 51% for “awful”.

As John Gruber notes, the most interesting thing about the Surface isn’t really the device itself, it’s that Microsoft decided they need to do it themselves. Just as with Google’s Nexus devices, the message here — intended or not — is that they don’t trust their partners to do a good enough job.

The thing is: Microsoft had relied on such partnerships for 37 years