From Matthew Panzarino’s story on the launch:

Offline differs from many other magazines on iOS in a couple of very important ways. First of all, it offers both text versions of stories and professionally produced audio that you can listen to at any point in an article. And it also boasts a unique cost structure that the team hopes will allow it to pay 2-3x what normal freelance writers see for contributions.

The audio integration is brilliant. I actually already listen to a lot of content on my iPhone/iPad but do it using a sort of hack: the speak selection accessibility feature — but that’s essentially Siri reading to you, this is professional voice actors. 

And, of course, I support any publication trying to find new ways to pay writers well.

Following in Marco Arment’s footsteps, Jim Dalrymple has released a bi-monthly magazine on Apple’s Newsstand. 

I really like the movement towards self-publishing of original content that is paid for by the readers (The Loop Magazine is $1.99 per month). And I love the move away from the bloated 700 MB magazine downloads that big publishers puke up once a month.

Here’s more in Dalrymple’s own words.