Christina Bonnington:

The company’s next iPhone will feature its own payment platform, sources familiar with the matter told WIRED. In fact, that platform will be one of the hallmark features of the device when it’s unveiled on September 9. We’re told the solution will involve NFC.

After 6 years of false positives, it appears that NFC may actually stand for more than “No Fucking Chance” with the iPhone 6. We’ll know soon enough!

Kelly Hodgkins:

According to Morgan Stanley, Apple is choosing NFC as the key technology for its mobile payments system, with semiconductor company NXP likely providing the necessary wireless hardware. NXP has an existing relationship with Apple, supplying the M7 motion-sensing chip found in the iPhone 5s.

Is this the fifth straight or six straight year that Apple has been said to be including NFC in the forthcoming iPhone? I’ve lost count. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually, but it’s especially hard to take this seriously. Also, Apple is clearly wed to Bluetooth LE. Do they want another chip in the ever-slimming and power-efficient phone?

Long story short: Google wanted to put Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus — the “clean install” Android that everyone loves so much — and Verizon said “no”.

Guess who wins here? Well, the software will not be available to Verizon Galaxy Nexus users.

Verizon issues a release saying they’re not blocking it — which is likely the biggest load of bullshit ever. No, they’re not blocking it specifically, they just won’t let Google release the Galaxy Nexus if it’s anywhere to be found on the device. Nor can users download it after the fact. Why? Some hardware claim that seems to be a flat-out lie. 

Long story shorter: you get in bed with the devil, the devil fucks you.

Long story shortest: “open”. 

While NFC has been the talk of the town in terms of mobile payments, Square has quietly worked around it one way, and Apple just did it another way.

The most interesting thing about this test though is the real big picture. It’s a reminder that Apple has hundreds of millions our credit cards in their iTunes system which is now connected to every iPhone. When you add these two things together in the real world, guess what it equals?

Apple making a shit ton of money.