Ellen Emmerentze Jevell:

Norway itself is a Winter Olympics marvel: With only five million people, it has won 303 Winter Olympic medals, far more than any other country on the planet. To find a country smaller than world-leading Norway on the all-time Winter Olympics medal table, you have to travel down to Croatia, which ranks 24th with 11 medals.

Like the Stanford football program, Norway seems full of overachievement. Of course, it helps when your athletes grow and and live in a climate that is basically like the Winter Olympics all year long.

Olga Khazan on the strange trend in Norway dubbed “Slow TV”:

The hosts of National Firewood Night, a 12-hour broadcast of logs being cut and then burned, invited viewers to submit advice via Facebook on how to position the wood. “I couldn’t go to bed because I was so excited,” one commenter wrote on the Web site of Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper. “When will they add new logs?”

I call it strange, yet I’m sure plenty of households in the rest of the world are watching a looping image of a crackling fireplace on their televisions today.