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If you think all three consoles are in trouble, I guess my question would be "where are gamers going?" I don't think it's Steam, because PC gaming is still a fairly niche thing, and I don't think it's mobile games, because mobile games are largely garbage (or at least simple). I just don't see a world in which gaming devolves into ephemeral free-to-play App Store crap. I have an affinity for Nintendo and Sony, but more than that, I have an affinity for serious games that respect me as a player.

I agree that mobile games won’t completely control the market (though will be the much larger ecosystem). I think “hardcore” gaming will evolve as well. I wouldn’t bet against this.

Colin Campbell on the career of Graeme Devine, which has included creating games like Full Deck Solitaire, The 7th Guest, Quake 3, Halo Wars, as well as helping to bolster iOS gaming in the early days. One funny anecdote from the 1990s:

Published by Virgin, The 7th Guest was a smash success, selling more than three million copies, a vast number for a PC game at the time. Bill Gates described the game as “the new standard in interactive entertainment.” Steve Jobs emailed Devine demanding to know when the game would be released for his Next computer and, according to Devine, became quite sulky when told such a thing was not practicable.

So what is Devine working on now? A haunted house game for the Oculus Rift, naturally.