Ellen Emmerentze Jevell:

Norway itself is a Winter Olympics marvel: With only five million people, it has won 303 Winter Olympic medals, far more than any other country on the planet. To find a country smaller than world-leading Norway on the all-time Winter Olympics medal table, you have to travel down to Croatia, which ranks 24th with 11 medals.

Like the Stanford football program, Norway seems full of overachievement. Of course, it helps when your athletes grow and and live in a climate that is basically like the Winter Olympics all year long.

omfgtech asked:

You say "Naturally, the TV commentators had no clue who Tim Berners-Lee was." but I offer a correction: NBC didn't have a fucking clue. British, German, French and Spanish commentary all named him immediately. Words cannot do justice to just how ill-informed and ignorant NBC's commentary was throughout the entire night.

A fair point. I stand corrected. Just NBC were dumbasses.