What we know for sure is this: monocultures always make more & faster progress in the near term when they’re stewarded by strong, vibrant leaders. But over time you get stuck. Companies change, sensibilities change. And then you’ve got all the technology, and all talent, and all of the best thinkers, all trapped on one technology stack.

Good thoughts.

It’s an interesting rumor from Pocket-lint citing “trusted sources”. And there are some further signs of this possibility, as Robin Wauters reports.

I’ve long-thought that Facebook would eventually build their own browser — and buying one would be significantly easier than building one from scratch. But the more I think about this now, the more I’m convinced that Facebook is going to bet the entire company on mobile. They’re already starting to. Instagram deal, etc.

That could mean acquiring Opera to take over their mobile browser project — and reports like this may back that idea up. But even that would be a temporary move. Facebook still needs to build their own phone (or at least phone OS) if they truly want to succeed in mobile.